The Best Homemade Valentine’s Day Dog Treats Recipe

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How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day without chocolate? Me, trying to think of some fun Valentine’s Day dog treats Well, unfortunately Chocolate and Champaign are off the menu. Instead, we’ve got some super delicious, cheddar, chicken, and bacon homemade Valentine’s Day dog treats to make. I know that cheddar, chicken, bacon doesn’t quite invoke a […]

He Wants a Belly Rub!

How do I know if my dog wants a belly rub? Why does my dog lie on his back?

Why is my dog lying on his back? Does he want a belly rub? When your dog rolls onto his back and exposes his belly many people exclaim how cute it is that he wants a belly rub. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case. Most of the time when your dog rolls onto his […]

Growling is Bad, and Only Bad Dogs Growl

Why do dogs growl? Is growling bad?

In this post: Is growling bad? Should I let my dog growl? Do only bad or aggressive dogs growl? What do I do when my dog growls?     Is it bad that my dog is growling?   I’m going to say something a little controversial here, a dog growling is actually a good thing. It […]

Why do Dogs Yawn?

Why do dogs yawn? Is my dog always tired? Why do dogs fake yawn?

In this post: Why do dogs yawn?  Is my dog always tired?  Why do dogs fake yawn? Why is my dog always yawning? Is he tired?  Most of the time when presented with a dog who is yawning people say that the behavior is prompted by feeling tired. But, this is not always true! A […]

Why do Dogs Wag Their Tail?

Why do dogs wag their tail? Do dogs wag their tail because they are happy? My dog wagged his tail right before biting someone

In this post: Why do dogs wag their tail? Does a wagging tail mean my dog is happy? Why do Dogs Wag Their Tail? A dog’s wagging tail does not indicate that they are happy, friendly, or want you to say hi to them. It does however indicate a willingness to interact. But, there are […]

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Dog Training Treats of 2024

In This Post: Is it ok to use treats to train your dog? How and when to use dog training treats Figure out which treats your dog considers high value The best treats for picky dogs/eaters What are the best treats to use to train your dog? Elevate your dog’s training with drool worthy, tail […]