Can You Guarantee That This Will Fix my Dog’s Problems?

Learning anything new and changing behavior, for both dogs, and people, takes time, energy, and money. With this investment, many people are looking for a guaranteed solution for whatever training they do with us and their dog. We understand that without a gurantee it can feel risky and that no having a clear outcome can […]

Why does my dog do that? Your dog’s behavior explained!

The causes of behavior are incredibly complex and are typically the interplay of multiple things happening all at once. We are not always able to tease out the exact causes of each behavior, but there is always a lot we can do to improve and/or eliminate undesirable behaviors. With that said, this list includes different […]

What is the Easiest Way to Change My Dog’s Behavior?

Training and Management Training plans are composed of a combination of management and training new skills. Both are essential parts of helping your dog reach their goals. They play different roles but neither is better, or more important, than the other. Management is when you make a change to the environment to prevent the dog […]

Dustin’s Story

“Ewww, no, I don’t want that one,” I said when my sister sent me a picture of Scotty, a small scruffy terrier mix sitting at NYC Animal Control. Well as it turns out, I did want him. And it was the best $125 I will ever spend. On June 16, 2012 I walked into NYC […]

How I Became a Professional Dog Trainer

I really shouldn’t like dogs. At 18 months old I was bitten in the face by our family dog, Luke (left). The scar on my face is still easy to spot. At 10, I was chased down the street by a friend’s dog. Then at 14, I was bitten by another dog while babysitting their […]

The 22 Best Gifts for your Dog in 2022

Instead of agonizing over the perfect gift for the puppy or dog in your life, choose something from this list that they are sure to love!. Last Year’s gift guide received a lot more positive feedback than I expected, so I thought it would be fun to put another one together this year. It is […]

How to Dog Proof Your Christmas Tree

How to keep your dog safe from your Christmas tree You take a step back, proudly admiring the beautiful tree you and your family spent all day decorating. Then in slow motion you see your dog run to the tree, grab a branch in his mouth and tug. Or he runs over, grabs an ornament […]

The Most Important 3 Seconds You Can Spend With Your Dog or Puppy

In dog training, it is as rare I answer a question with something other than “it depends,” as it is to make absolute statements. And today I am breaking both these rules. This exercise does not depend, it is an exercise you can do with every single dog. Every person can do this exercise, and […]

Is the $100 Hurtta Summit Parker Worth the Price?

If you have a dog and live in an area that gets cold, they probably need a jacket. Even if your dog is big, even if they are a puppy, even if they have long hair. They can suffer from frostbite and other weather related conditions in the cold. The only dogs who really don’t […]