Keep your kids, and your dog safe

Fill your home with wagging tails and happy smiles

Leash and Learn is one of only 3 trainers in Manhattan who specialize in interactions and relationships between dogs and kids. This type of training is important because it can help prevent dog bites and other negative interactions between dogs and kids, and can also help to build strong bonds between children and their dogs.


Dog training that brings everyone together

Perfect for families who need to:

Add a new dog to your family

We help you to properly introduce a new dog to your family and ensure a smooth transition for both you and your new pet.

Safely bring home your new baby

We provide guidance on how to safely introduce a new baby to your dog, as well as managing your dog's behavior and reactions during this time of adjustment.

Fix problematic interactions between your dog and your child

We provide guidance on how to manage your dog's behavior and reactions during playtime and other interactions with your child.

Foster a healthy relationship between your child and your dog

We help to create a positive and safe environment for your child and your dog.

Training Packages

We understand that every dog and family is different. To ensure we reach your family’s unique goals Leash and Learn develops a customized training plan to address your dog’s undesirable behaviors.

How it works
  • A trainer comes to your home and meets with you once every week or two
  • We answer your questions, and show you what to practice that week
  • You receive detailed notes, pictures, and/or videos after every session


Move beyond traditional dog training... Create true connection


Imagine a world without limits for you and your dog

Your investment

While training is highly customized to your dog and family, there is a basic framework that all clients follow when starting with training with Leash and Learn. This system sets everyone up for success and ensures better training results.

Initial Evaluation

1.5 Hours - $365

Every client completes an initial evaluation.

We will
  • Meet together face-to-face
  • Assess your dog’s current behavior
  • Set achievable and realistic goals for your dog and your family
  • Discuss follow up package recommendations
  • Start training the most relevant foundation skills
  • In 3-5 days you receive your training plan. It will include your notes and assessments from your evaluation and is a living document as we work together

After completion of your initial evaluation, you will receive access to two great bonuses!

  1. A monthly newsletter filled with all things dog, including product reviews, how-to guides, helpful tips and tricks, and announcements.
  2. A link for a members only section of the website where I have compiled and shared many of my favorite dog training resources.

Follow Up Lessons

1 Hour Each
Basic Training Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

No. There is absolutely no breed of dog that is going to be ok with your kids or baby just because of their breed. Individual temperament is the most important consideration. Expecting your dog to be good with kids because of their breed is a dangerous expectation.

Also no. When dogs and kids are involved, waiting can be disastrous. Be proactive whenever possible. If you are bringing home a baby to your dog, or brining home a dog to your kids, you can and should start training before the new arrival. If you are concerned about interactions between your kids and your dog also start training immediately. Do not wait to see if they will work it out, it is unlikely to happen and your dog’s behavior is more likely to become increasingly concerning.

We do not offer board and train, but when appropriate we will come to your house 3 times per week to train your dog for you. Then we teach you your dog’s new skills during transfer sessions every week or two. You are kept up to date with their progress through notes and pictures in their training logs.

Training is always a team effort, and our goal is to work with you as a team to solve your problems and overcome challenges. No matter which approach you take, we can get you where you want to be. It is important to us that once training has finished you have learned the skills you need to work with your dog. So there will always be things for you to practice and exercises and games for you to reinforce.

Feeling overwhelmed or unsure? Don't worry! Part of the initial evaluation is discussing your goals, and the best way to get you there.