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Holiday Gift Ideas – Toys and Treats for Your Furry Friend, 2021

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With the holidays approaching I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite toys with you in case they are something your dog might enjoy as well! As we all know, there is no such thing as too many toys!

I have curated this list with some of my personal favorites, some toys that I have found lots of dogs to really enjoy, and other toys that are a little bit more off the beaten path.

If your dog has a favorite that I have not included, please let us know! We always love exploring new toy options.

10 Classic Favorites

1. Kong Squeaky Tennis Ball

2. Nina Ottosson Puzzle Toy Bundle

3. Orbee Tough Snoop

4. Hide-a-squirrel

5. Lambchop

6. GoDog Touch Chewer

7. Invincible Snake w/o Stuffing

8. White Paw Seltze

9. Toppl

10. Kong Wild Knots Bear

10 Unexpected and Quirky Favorites

1. Interactive dog tail

2. Licki Mat

3. Flirt Pole (here is a blog post about why I love flirt poles)

4. Giggle Ball

5. BarkBox 2-in-1 toy

6. Nerf Ball Blaster

7. Snuffle Mat and Treat Ball Hybrid

8. Glow Ball (for late night fetch)

9. Treat Dispensing Crinkle Snail

10. Crazy Bounce Ball

Still need help? Please reach out!

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