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Is the $100 Hurtta Summit Parker Worth the Price?

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If you have a dog and live in an area that gets cold, they probably need a jacket. Even if your dog is big, even if they are a puppy, even if they have long hair. They can suffer from frostbite and other weather related conditions in the cold.

The only dogs who really don’t need a jacket are double-coated breeds like German shepherds, Huskys, Pomeranians, and golden retrievers. However, even though they don’t need a jacket for safety, it can be nice to have them wear one because it keeps them (and your apartment) cleaner.

About 5 years ago I came across the Hurtta Summit Parker in a Manhattan pet store for what was, to me, the astronomical price of over $100 ????. It met my needs and there weren’t really a lot of other choices, so it came home with me. I left the store crossing my fingers that it would be worth it.

Hurtta is a Finnish company well known for quality dog gear. They make various products including leashes, harnesses, jackets, and some safety vests. They focus on equipment that will get your dog out and about in any weather condition. As you can see, from this video, the cold doesn’t slow Dustin down when he is wearing his Hurtta Summit Parker.

The Hurtta Summit Parker has more features than most other dog jackets I have seen. And it comes in red (cherry), black (raven), orange, and camo.

  • Easy to get on and off
  • It has 4 adjustable points. One across the belly, at the tail, and then two around the neck.
  • The belly clip is very easy to make bigger and smaller, which is very helpful when your dog needs additional layers underneath.
  • The neck portion is long and can be folded in half or extended to cover up to your dog’s ears
  • It closes with a clip, good for dogs who don’t like Velcro and you won’t accidentally punch them like with a zipper
  • It’s waterproof
  • There are reflective sections on the coat as well as the girth strap for extra safety
  • There is a built-in harness hold between the shoulders that features snap closures for when not in use
  • Two back leg straps keep it in place and prevent male dogs from peeing on it. These probably aren’t necessary for female dogs, but will help it stay in place
  • There is a nice chest piece that keeps your dog dry and picks up dirt and snow as they walk and run
  • It is warm but not bulky, allowing your dog normal range of motion and the ability to run and move like they normally would
  • It is easy to wipe off with paper towels or baby wipes when dirty
  • Machine washable
  • If you use the leg straps, it can be a little annoying to remove. Attached is a video of how I take if off of Dustin without having to pick up each leg.
  • For some dogs, the fact that it goes over their head might mean that it will not work for them. If you are not sure how your dog feels about clothes that go on this way, I recommend feeding them a treat every time you put it on and off for the first month or so. This will help prevent any negative feelings your dog may harbor and can make the getting dressed process so much easier.
  • During the coldest months of the winter your dog may need an extra layer under. But, I think that is the same with most dog jackets. Here is a nice fleece that makes a great bottom layer.

A couple of additional points, the buckle is sometimes mistaken for being upside down. I think that is the way it was designed. I have always just clipped it in the upside down position and not had any troubles. If I were to try to clip it the other way, it would twist the straps and I would worry that was uncomfortable for the dog.


I give this jacket an overall rating of 5 stars. It fits beautifully, and has many ways to adjust it, so it fits most dogs, it has held up over time, it’s waterproof, and I like the extra safety the reflective parts provide. The cons are so minimal they neither take away any of the stars nor would they change my recommendation. The picture at the top of this blog was taken just a couple of weeks ago, and considering how old this jacket is and how much it has been used, I would say it is in great shape. It’s been worth every penny of the astronomical $100+ I originally paid for it.

As I was writing this blog post I realized that I bought the Hurtta Summit Parker such a long time ago that there are actually two newer versions of it that have been released. While I have not tried them, wanted to include the links so you can explore some options.

Reviewed Above:
Hurtta Summit Parker

Additional Variations:
Expedition Parka
Extreme Warmer

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