Manners and Obedience Training Services

Manners are for every dog

Changes you can see and feel

Treat your dog to a life of fun, freedom, and enjoyment. Give yourself a dog who is easy to live and communicate with. By training your dog to listen to cues and have manners in everyday situations, you are giving them the gift of inclusion. You can include them in events and experiences they might otherwise miss out on. You will feel more confident and will become a better dog-parent.

We can also help you if you are not happy with your relationship with your dog. Feel like they don’t like you? Or they don’t respect you? Are they stubborn or dominate? We help every dog:

  • The ball-obsessed
  • The sniff-obsessed
  • The people-obsessed
  • The dog-obsessed
  • The jumping dog
  • The pulling on leash dog
  • The stubborn dog
  • The dominant dog
  • The unhappy dog

Life Skills for Fun, Freedom, & inclusion

Teach your do to be cooperative and listen the first time when asked, both in your home and out and about

Every dog and person needs help sometimes

Learn skills that make it fun and easy to live with your dog in harmony

Build a strong, healthy, and reciprocal relationship with your dog

Fix small problems that gradually or suddenly became big problems

Resolve nuisance puppy behaviors that never went away

Enjoy a dog who is patient and polite inside your home and out, around toys, people, dogs, and other distractions

Learn leash skills to make walks more enjoyable

Training Options

We know that training your dog can be overwhelming. Leash and Learn offers two specialized training paths you can choose from. You will have the dog of your dreams with both, but they get you there in very different ways.

The Leashed Path

Premium Jumpstart Programs

New Yorkers are busy. Time is precious and there aren’t enough hours in a day. Our jumpstart programs are designed to give you some time back while we train your dog for you.

How it works
  • A trainer comes to your home 3 times per week to train your dog
  • You receive detailed notes, pictures, and/or videos after every session
  • We focus on leash walking, obedience, socialization, manners, crate training, and any other skills your dog needs to learn
  • On your own you focus on potty training, socialization, and biting and nipping
  • We meet every 1-2 weeks to teach you how to implement the skills


The Learn Path

Basic Lessons

If you have been dreaming of training your dog yourself this is the perfect path for you! Our basic programs are designed for us to teach you how to train your dog

How it works
  • A trainer comes to your home and meets with you once per week
  • We answer your questions, and show you what to practice that week
  • You receive detailed notes, pictures, and/or videos after every session


There is so much we can do to help


Dog training that changes lives

Your investment

While training is highly customized to your dog and family, there is a basic framework that all clients follow when starting with training with Leash and Learn. This system sets everyone up for success and ensures better training results.

Initial Evaluation

1.5 Hours - $365

Every client completes an initial evaluation.

We will
  • Meet together face-to-face
  • Assess your dog’s current behavior
  • Set achievable and realistic goals for your dog and your family
  • Discuss follow up package recommendations
  • Start training the most relevant foundation skills
  • In 3-5 days you receive your training plan. It will include your notes and assessments from your evaluation and is a living document as we work together

After completion of your initial evaluation, you will receive access to two great bonuses!

  1. A monthly newsletter filled with all things dog, including product reviews, how-to guides, helpful tips and tricks, and announcements.
  2. A link for a members only section of the website where I have compiled and shared many of my favorite dog training resources.

Follow Up Lessons

1 Hour Each
Premium Jumpstart Programs
Basic Training Programs

Feeling overwhelmed or unsure? Don't worry! Part of the initial evaluation is discussing your goals, and the best way to get you there.