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Puzzle Toys are Amazing, Find out Which Puzzle Toys Your Dog Will Like!

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What are puzzle Toys?

Biologically speaking, puzzle toys give your dog the opportunity to perform breed and species appropriate naturalistic behaviors.

Practically speaking, puzzle toys are like free training! Get your dog some extra exercise as they eat. All you have to do it fill it up, give it to your dog, and like magic your dog gets mental enrichment and physical stimulation without you having to do anything. Just sit back, relax and watch your dog get to work. They are great for days when your dog has not had enough activity. The trick is to give them to your dog before he gets himself into trouble.

What are the benefits of puzzle toys?

  1. Give your dog an outlet for their energy.
  2. Keep your dog out of trouble.
  3. Help your dog develop problem solving skills.
  4. Your dog stays busy without you having to entertain him.
  5. They are fun for your dog!

When do I use puzzle toys?

I suggest feeding your dog a minimum of one meal a day in their puzzle toy. You can also give your dog a puzzle toy anytime he needs something to do and you are unable to provide attention.

Which puzzle toys do I get my dog?

Get your dog whichever puzzle toys you think your dog will enjoy! I recommend that most people purchase 2 or 3 (or more!) puzzle toys for your dog. If you give your dog the same puzzle toy all the time they lose their novelty, and this causes your dog to lose entered in them. I would also suggest that you get puzzle toys that require different skills. Below, I have created different categories based on which skill most dogs use to get the food out of the toys. But, every dog is different so your dog might solve them completely differently.

How do I use puzzle toys?

Most puzzle toys are relatively easy to use. You fill them up with kibble, treats, or soft food, and give it to your dog. When you first introduce the puzzle toys it is a good idea to make them a little easier and assist your dog in finding the food. Make their first experience fun and they will want to play over and over. Like all dog toys, you should supervised your dog while s/he is playing with the puzzle toys, and check for broken pieces and other normal wear and tear.


Atomic Treat Ball

Best with kibble or soft treats. https://amzn.to/2KhjQoE

← Charlie, Cavachon

Kong Gyro

Best with kibble or soft treats.


← Dustin, All American

Orbee-Tuff Snoop

Best with kibble or soft treats. https://amzn.to/2YFMfZC

← Dustin, All American


Classic Kong

Best with canned food


← Biscuit, Dachshund


Best with canned food


← Charlie, Cavachon

Zogoflex Toppl

Best with canned food


← Morton, Mini Poodle


Snuffle Mat

Best with kibble or soft treats.

You can also make this yourself,instructions here.


← Koa, Cavapoo

Activity Center

Best with kibble or soft treats.


← Maui, Mini Goldendoodle

Sniff and Snack Ball

Best with kibble or soft treats. https://etsy.me/2NWgSd3 ← Jack’s Wardrobe, Etsy Shop, Stock Photo


JW Treat Tower

Best with kibble or soft treats. https://amzn.to/2Ki61qm

← Prosciutto, Mini Poodle

ONSON Food Toy

Best with kibble or soft treats. https://amzn.to/31aNMbU

← Daisy, French Bulldog

Kong Wobbler

Best with kibble or soft treats. https://amzn.to/2Key7T3

← Kong, Stock Photo



Best with kibble or soft treats.


← Stella, French Porcelain

Dog Brick

Best with kibble or soft treats.


← Dexter, Shih Tzu


Best with kibble or soft treats.


← Dustin, All American

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