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The 22 Best Gifts for your Dog in 2022

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Instead of agonizing over the perfect gift for the puppy or dog in your life, choose something from this list that they are sure to love!.

Last Year’s gift guide received a lot more positive feedback than I expected, so I thought it would be fun to put another one together this year. It is broken into categories based on what type of gift it is.


 1. Leash and Learn Shirts – 3 adult versions and 1 kids version, coming soon!

Leash and Learn shirts will soon be available to order for you and your kids. As soon as they are, an email with additional information will be sent.

2. Matching outfits for you and your dog
3. Personalized embroidered bath robe



4. BarkBox subscription
5. The Perfect Fit dog harness

This harness comes in three pieces, and measuring can be a bit of a pain, but I LOVE this harness. It’s lined with fleece and doesn’t irritate skin, has front and back clips, and fits each dog perfectly. You can always email or call the company your dog’s measurements and they will help you select sizes.

6. A cozy winter jacket that is warm and waterproof. See our review of this dog jacket here.


7. Pupford

Save 10% off your purchase with code LL1212

8. Fig and Tyler

Save 20% off your purchase with code RL0264

Play Time

9. Flirt Pole. Not sure how to use this, find tips here!
10. Kong Knots
10. Tug Toy (I love tug toys that have a handle for you to hold) And no, tug won’t make your dog aggressive


Brain Games

12. Snuffle Mat


13. Nina Ottosson wobble maze bowl
14. Lickimat


15. Lamb Chop
16. Toppl


17. Kong squeaky tennis ball
18. Snuggle Puppy

Support Small Businesses

19. Tug Toy
20. Personalized dog bone


21. Personalized dog squeaker toy
22. Handmade knotted rope toy

Does your dog love any toys that are not on this list? Or did they end up loving anything on this list? Let us know!

Disclosure: We are affiliated with Pupford and Fig and Tyler, but are not affiliated with any other products above.

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