Reviewing My 5 Favorite Dog Training Treat Pouches

Your Favorite New Accessory 

One of the nice things about training dogs in winter is that all of our jackets have big pockets that make carrying around treats much easier! In summer we lose the layers and no longer have a convenient place to keep treats. Here I wanted to share some good treat pouch options for you to take on your walks so you can continue to reinforce your dog’s good behavior.

What I look for in a treat pouch

  1. Large enough to hold enough treats to last a whole walk
  2. Has a waistband. I find that the treat pouches that just clip into your belt fall off way too easily.
  3. Easy open, easy close closure- I usually find that something magnetic works best. I do not love the drawstring ones. By the time you have opened the treat pouch, your dog is already off doing something else. It is not a productive way to immediately reward behaviors. And if I try to keep it open I always tend to spill everywhere. 
  4. Extra pockets to hold other things. In my treat pouch, I have the main compartment stocked with treats and the side compartments hold poop bags, a clicker, keys, some business cards, and maybe a tennis ball if I need one that day. Having extra pockets seems minimal, but it actually comes in very handy! 
  5. Easy to clean. You are putting food into your treat pouch, you need to be able to clean it easily! 

Doggone Good

This is the Doggone Good treat pouch. It checks all the above boxes of everything that I personally like in a treat pouch. It is the standard treat bag that most trainers use. It’s good and it lasts!

Olly Dog

The treat pouch that I favor is by Olly Dog. Unfortunately, they discontinued the model that I have. The new one is very similar but I have not tried it yet. I included it here in-case anyone is interested. 

Pet Safe

This is the Pet Safe treat pouch. It is the best bargain treat pouch that has a waist strap. It ‘s functional and does the job well. But, I have had a few of them break prematurely on me. 

Kibble Bubble

If you are one of those people who really can’t fathom the idea of walking around New York city with a treat pouch strapped to your waist the Kibble Bubble might be a good option for you. I have not used this brand before but I have used similar products. You can clip it to your belt loop and squeeze the bottom to get a treat to come out. It does not hold a ton of treats, but is easy to wash and nice and small. 

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