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Winter Dog Boots: A Review

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As winter approaches we can begin looking forward to snow days, hot chocolate andsledding. But, when you are a dog owner you also get to look forward to waking up at the crack of dawn, dressing your dog from nose to tail, and heading out in the blistering cold, leash in hand. We also get to look forward to salt. Yes, salt. Lots andlots of salt. Everywhere. Now, salt is great, it keeps the sidewalks safe and melts the ice quickly, but the chemicals in the salt hurt our poor dog’s paws. To keep your dog’s paws safe from the harmful chemicals in the salt your dog should wear boots. Below, I have reviewed some of the boots you can easily find in pet stores around New York. I have written my opinion of some of the pros and cons of each brand andDustin modeled them for us. 

Pawz Boots


7 Sizes Smallest: 1″ paw (Tiny) Largest: 5″ paw (XL) Pictured: 3″ Medium  $16 for 3 Sets




Several sets come in each box


Handy Size Guide on Box



Fall off while walking

Big difference between sizes 

Can be difficult to put on

Do not keep paws warm

Each size has its own color, so you can’t choose

Dogo Slip-On Paws


6 Sizes Smallest: .5″ paw (XS) Largest: 2.5″ paw (XXL) Pictured: 2.5″ XXL  $19 for 1 Set


Very easy to put on

Dots provide traction 

Soft, warm liner

Appear to be more comfortable

More color options

The smaller increments between sizes allow you to get a better fit 

Handy Size Guide on Box


Not waterproof

Fall off while running (but stayed on for walking)

No sizes for medium or large dogs

Good 2 Go Boots


5 Sizes Smallest: 1.5″ paw (XS) Largest: 3.5″ paw (XL) Pictured: 2.5″ Medium  $19 for 1 Set



Textured grip on the bottom of each boot

Easy to put on

Handy Size Guide on Box


Even with the textured grip they can be a little slippery

Fall off while walking

Do not keep paws warm

Yellow and pink are the only color options

And the winner is…

Best Overall

Dogo Slip-On Paws   I choose the Dogo boots as the winner because they were easiest to put on, stayed on the longest without falling off, and they have traction on the bottom that will prevent slipping and injury. The only disadvantage of the Dogo boots is that they only make sizes for small dogs. Dustin wears their largest size. 

Best for Large Dogs

Good 2 Go

Good 2 Go and Pawz boots are very similar. They are both rubber andwaterproof. The Good 2 Go boots are slightly easier to put on, but they both fall off about the same. The reason I rate the Good 2 Go boots above Pawz is because they have the traction on the bottom. The traction can prevent slips on ice that could lead to injury. 

Honorable Mention


While not my favorite the Pawz boots get the job done. They keep your dog’s feet safe from the salt. They do tend to fall off and sometimes go missing. Luckily the manufacturer is prepared for that and each pack comes with extras. It worries me that they do not have any sort of traction. Salt goes down when ice is on the ground, and it is easy to slip in these boots. However, they do accommodate the largest size of feet, but the big difference between sizes means that many dogs are in-between. 

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